Monday, 24 October 2011

TOMOS Canada-the utmost store to get fully engineered scooters parts at the cheapest rates

Scooters are one of the biggest innovations in self propelled transportation means that is quite easy to use, stunning and available in wide range of models. TOMOS Canada is one of the leading distributors of high quality scooters, mopeds and outboard motors in North America for over eight years. We offer wide array of scooters depends on wheel model, operation mode and functions like scooters (Nitro 50, Nitro 150), Mopeds (Arrow R, Street Mate) and E-bikes (Gimelli E-bikes, E-classics).  We also offer finest quality motor parts equipments to gives your thrilling water sports experience and prevent from risks. 

We offer full range diversity in our scooter harley that are fully engineered and designed by professional technicians. So you can boost capability of your vehicle and personalized the designing with quality scooter parts in accord to your preferences. For different types of scooters we offer specialized parts and equipments. Like for electric scooters, we offer complete range of parts and accessories like batteries, chains, chargers, controllers, throttles and more.  Our service is highly efficient to get necessary parts and fix the bike.

We offer easy and convenient way to get high-tech parts at highly reasonable rates. You also have the added advantage of getting instruction on how to install the parts you order. Besides these, as the fuel price have reached an absolute high point, so we offer different types of cheap for sale motorbikes are does not utilized fuel for running like gas scooters or electric scooters. These brilliant transportations are extremely delighted on your wallet and environment and satisfy your entire transportation needs. We offer wide array of cheap and safe gas scooters, provides various benefits like save fuel, environment friendly, can be parked anywhere and you will have fun while riding. 

You can also buy scooters suzuki scooters that are designed for those individuals who are suffering from low mobility. Its battery operated, can be deployed for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s totally eco-friendly and equipped with advanced braking, stopping and starting system.  It also equipped with parking brake that prevent the bike from rolling when it is parked. These scooters give a notable contribution towards reducing the carbon footprint from the environment additionally looks cool with all aged of people.  We offer highly sophisticated, functionally appealing and stunning bikes without hurting your wallet. To get more info about our product and services visit our website

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Excellent electric scooters from leading companies for convenient commuting

Electric scooter is a great alternative of scooters that operate with fuel. The highly advanced products are not only cost effective but environment friendly as well. If you are looking for reliable electric bike then there are many companies that are manufacturing battery powered scooters. They are manufacturing wide range of products which are suitable to use by different age groups. 

The companies are major suppliers of moped 50cc. The top-notch electric bikes have greatly revolutionized the mode of travelling. Today everybody from teens to aged people loves to take a ride of these stylish mopeds. Most people prefer these mopeds because of the numerous benefits. They are speedy, fashionable, and easy to operate and control, and most importantly they are available at low budget. Now the scooters come with slick street tires and smooth twist grip throttles. This is a cost effective electric bike and easier alternative of conveyance. So use the electric scooters of these reliable companies without paying hefty amount for them. 

These road scooters are practical alternative to car use. So instead of car, petrol bikes and public transport use the best alternative. The reliable, durable and cost effective scooters can easily meet urgent and daily requirements of riders. Moreover, they are easy to store in comparison to traditional bikes. Now the scooters of the leading companies come with useful kits, components and systems to make it easier to use for riders. Even if there is emergency need of small repairing you can do it on your own using the tools. Scooters with kits are now available at competitive prices with the leading service providers. 

The companies are also providing wide range of scooter parts. Customers can select the products of their choice according to their requirement. Whether you want to replace scooter part or want to repair it, both options are open for you because of the parts availability. The experts have years of experience in this industry and therefore they are able to understand the needs of clients very well. The companies are putting their best effort to give utmost customer satisfying products at low budget. So use the low cost electric scooters to save your hard earned money from wasting in buying fuels. Switch to better automobiles that are more efficient and cheaper.
The best thing about the products is that they do not produce harmful pollutants or smoke that increase carbon footprint in the eco-system. Therefore, they are the first choice of environmentalists and eco-system concerned people. You can become a part of this civilized group by using these eco-friendly bikes.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Accelerate scooter’s speed and performance level with scooter rollers!

As the time is passing by, transportation is becoming expensive day by day. Further in our hectic scheduled life, we don’t take out enough time for the maintenance of our automobile. So, today we need highly advanced automobiles that suits to our daily commuting needs and require negligible maintenance. Among all commuting means, scooters is the most cost-effective and convenient mode of transportation. It gives flexibility to rider to go anytime any anywhere. These days, the market is filled with online dealers that offer huge range of scooters in various ranges, models, styles and features. These hi-tech motorbikes are highly efficient, stunning and available at cost effective rates. 

These sophisticated bikes are designed as per the particular requirement like road bikes, racing bikes, mountain motorbikes, trek or touring bikes. Through online services, you can find lists of reliable dealers that facilitate different types of scooters like gas scooters, motor scooters, electric scooters and other vehicles. Electric scooter is especially designed for the individuals who suffer from low mobility. Its battery operated vehicle, deployed for indoor and outdoor use both. These scooters have three, four or more wheels. The batteries utilized in these scooters can also be recharged and there is no need to recharge it on regular basis. 

Moreover, the starting, stopping and braking system of these bikes are quite simple to use by all aged of people. It’s also equipped with parking brake that prevents the bike from rolling when it is parked. You can find wide varieties in electric scooters like foldable or transportable scooters. These scooters are battery operated so it’s an environmental friendly mode of commuting. Besides these, scooter’s equipments also play a significant role in bike operation. Scooter roller is one of the important bike equipments that assist in elevate and diminish the speed of bike. Heavy rollers inhibit the speed of bike and lighter roller give acceleration to the bike. 

So the size, weight and quality of scooter roller affect the transmission of scooters. Moreover, it’s an inexpensive way to improve the performance of your scooters. You can also set roller’s weight as per your riding needs. It’s one of the easiest modifications for all scooter to boost up the performance level of bikes. Now the advanced scooters are equipped with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system that provides smooth transmission gearing in all go style of scooters. Rollers weight is a vital part of CVT variator that use centrifugal force to push outward and change the gear ratio. It’s your choice that whether you need heavier or lighter set of roller weight, however the quality should be of high grade to avoid mishaps or accidents while riding.