Sunday, 27 November 2011

Get the superior quality of scooters and e-bikes with TOMOS Canada services

We live in a fast paced world, where high-tech and efficient products are used by people. In present scenario technology has changed every aspect of our lives one of the best example is transportation system. You can see varieties of automobiles specially two wheelers such as, scooters, mopeds, electronic bikes, motorbikes, and various other vehicles.

We at, TOMOS Canada offer you our superior quality of nitro 50cc at affordable price. Our scooters are extremely well built, with reliable motors and excellent stability. There are many designs that can meet the variety of needs and styles of the individual scooter enthusiast, both the young and the young at heart. The company offers you attractive model of nitro 150, S-Fox 50, gimelli sport 50, and gimelli sport 150 scooters.

We have a varied range of electronic bikes available in different stylish designs and colors.  It is a great alternative of scooters that operate with fuel. Our motorcycles scooter bike is not only a highly advanced product but environment friendly as well. Therefore, you can get gimelli e-bikes and e-bikes which are best electronic bikes among other products. These bikes are easy to maintain as well as easy to ride and these are highly demanded among teenagers who are school and collage going students.

We are the distributor of quality scooters, mopeds, and outboard motors in North America for over eight years. To serve the customer better, TOMOS Canada cater all you needs and requirements scooters electric, mopeds, and outboard motors for sale in a large warehouse and distribution centre in Mississauga. The company offers one year warranty on scooters and mopeds, and two years of warranty on outboard motors. You can get an enormous range of mopeds such as, arrow R, street mate, street mate R, ST, revival TS, and LX. In addition, you can also get different varieties of outboard motors and inflatable boats at affordable price.

We have highly trained staff, always ready to respond to any questions that you may have about our scooters, mopeds, outboard motors, and inflatable boats available for sale. To know more about us, visit at

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